Our Vision and Values

our vision

A meaningful movement

Celonis is on a timeless mission to help companies improve efficiency (and reduce waste) by providing a modern way to run business processes entirely on data and intelligence.

The value proposition for the Celonis Execution Management System has been proven. As an Engineering Team, our focus is on increasing the value our product provides our users by creating a vastly-improved, intuitive, reliable, and performant product that users love. As a company, our biggest challenges lie within the technology: reliability, scalability, maintainability, and continued innovation with novel technology across the entire stack. 

There are many challenges to solve, and we’ve set out to tackle them.

Engineering team values


With customer and partner feedback, we are building the future of state-of-the-art technology in AI, automations, data mining, and machine learning - all being developed in-house.


Working together and collaborating with other Celonis teams is very important for us. We work on an agile and dynamic environment with cross-functional teams, creating a culture of fun and opportunity.

Data-driven Excellence

Powered by our in-house developed and patented PQL, we are giving data-driven and AI technologies the right context, delivering a highly qualitative and usable solution that creates value for our customer and partners.

The Celonis Way

How we operate and collaborate as a team is guided by our company values. They impact our hiring, product development, and programs. They touch our brand, technology, operations, and our relationships with customers, partners, and each other.

Ready to solve complex problems at scale? Join our team.

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